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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Solving Layout problems

The largest class of inquiries at Plumis this year so far has been from architects and independent inspectors who see Automist as a non-disruptive and cheap home sprinkler system which can address concerns over the fire safety of proposed dwelling layouts. Approved Document B allows the use of innovative fire suppression devices as long as they have been tested and shown to be efficacious by a reputable laboratory such as BRE Global.

Interest has been broad, from student accommodation to general social housing, with perhaps a slight emphasis on homes for people who may not be able to effect a quick escape in the event of a fire. It has been specified as a cost effective solution to a series of issues with fire building regulations:
  • Flash-over avoidance on ground floors for loft conversion fire building regulations.
  • Open plan kitchen fire suppression to facilitate effective means of escape after a refurbishment.
  • Elective safety improvement in care home and sheltered accommodation for the vulnerable or high risk tenants.
  • Compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and/or the Disability Discrimination Act.
Easily-installed fire suppression appliances are bringing active fire protection to homes where previously it was cumbersome or impractical, reducing the cost of property conversions, bringing forward major refurbishment projects by making them affordable, and even extending the life of existing housing stock. Technical data is provided for download to enable building control, construction and fire industry professionals to assess and specify Automist. We expect these devices to become ever more popular as upgrades in flexibility and performance are married to improving cost-effectiveness and aesthetics.

You can also obtain comments on a specific layout by submitting it to Plumis' technical team.

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