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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Automist Fire Suppression for Private Development in W1

Private developers are just as demanding as local authorities and still need to meet the requirements of Approved Document B whatever the aesthetic considerations and budgetary constraints. Hammersmith’s Devonport Property Consulting were developing 5 Devonport Mews in West London and were faced with the need to install fire protection but they were not inclined to fit water sprinklers Their objections included the problem of excessive discharge of water if activated which would adversely affect the new décor and the need for pipework and wiring which would increase building costs and cause time delays.

Elite Fire Safety Ltd of Dartford in Kent were commissioned to provide fire protection services at the conversion and were faced with the challenge of coming up with an alternative system that would meet the requirements of Approved Document B at the same time as satisfying the aesthetic and budgetary demands inherent in this prestigious London development. Neil Perring of Elite Fire Safety proposed the use of Plumis, Automist as the solution, which he had used in several earlier projects and readily recommended it for Devonport Mews. 

Automist is easy to install whether retrofit or new build and no dedicated water supply, storage tanks or in line pressure pumps are needed, just 1.5 bar water pressure at the pump location. Single nozzle installations including commissioning take no more than a normal working day to complete. Automist was installed in Devonport Mews on two floors with a pump unit controlling 2 nozzles per floor to provide the best possible control to the areas requiring protection, each nozzle is designed to provide up to 32 square metres of floor area with a ceiling height of 2.4 metres. The system is activated utilising a heat detector as recommended in Approved Document B, effectively eliminating nuisance alarms. Dependent upon requirements either hard wired or wireless detectors can be used. The Automist pump unit with intergrated control unit was connected to the domestic water supply and requires only 6 litres of water per minute per nozzle to provide optimum fire suppression, which in comparison to traditional sprinklers minimises runoff and consequential water damage. Furthermore, because of the low flow required installation does not require approval by Water Authorities and thus avoids related disruption and additional works.

Automist's unique design also means it is significantly cheaper than other automatic fire extinguishing systems, home fire suppression devices and residential sprinklers. It is also neat and unobtrusive and is fitted beneath a standard mono-bloc tap or stand alone on a work surface or as wall mounted unit fitting neatly into a standard switch blanking plate that can be supplied in any finish to suit décor requirements.

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