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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Unite Security use innovative solution for fire protection in Edinburgh business

Plumis Automist® provided an innovative fire safety solution for a new high-end coffee shop in the Southside/Newington area of Edinburgh. “Cult Espresso” serves "third wave" espresso drinks from cool, basement style premises with an open plan layout but because of the width of the building and one direction of travel, exit in the event of a fire is restricted and access for the emergency services limited.

The City of Edinburgh Council insisted that either an emergency exit or an alternative suppression system was installed. The use of sprinklers was deemed unsatisfactory as they would drench the property in the event of a fire, causing considerable water damage.  Furthermore, accidental discharge could cause a costly interruption to business which was unacceptable to the owners. Edinburgh Building Control knew of Automist® and recommended that the owners view the Plumis website where they identified Unite Security as local Automist® accredited installers for the system. Glenn Kippen, Unite’s Managing Director had no hesitation in suggesting the installation of this highly innovative and very cost effective product from Plumis. Automist® uses a high pressure pump to generate a fine water mist from nozzles to suppress any fire, including grease and chip pan fires for which water mist is an effective fire suppressant. It is also extremely reliable because sensing is based on heat detection as recommended in Approved Document B, effectively eliminating nuisance alarms which, again, would have interrupted custom.

Glenn Kippen was delighted to be able to recommend Automist® to address the objections of Building Control. Unite Security fitted only 1 pump within the kitchen, protecting the building affordably, with much less disruption and in a considerably shorter timeframe than fitting sprinklers. It also has the benefit of using under 6 litres of water per minute per head compared with 65 litres per head used by sprinklers. Because Automist® uses a wireless system, installation did not interrupt the day to day business, there were no ugly wires to mar the decor and, unlike smoke alarms Automist® not only alerts customers to the fire but also suppresses it

Automist® is ideal for use in similar businesses where closure for building works or in the event of a fire would be commercially disadvantageous.

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