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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Automist Smartscan by Plumis – A Redefinition of the Fire Sprinkler

Introducing Automist Smartscan

Automist Smartscan® is more than a safety device for suppressing fires—it’s a modern design feature. An evolution of the James Dyson award-winning Automist®, the discreet wall-mounted device enables homeowners and architects to design beautifully light and open spaces, while still meeting challenging requirements of building regulations. 

Automist Smartscan® has a rotating head that directly targets fires with a powerful jet of water mist. It has been proven to achieve the same performance as residential sprinkler systems, and uses 90% less water resulting in minimal water damage to the living space. 

Why Automist Smartscan?

Direct targeting – Automist Smartscan® suppresses fires more efficiently by targeting the origin of the fire directly
Meets the highest performance standards – Automist Smartscan® has met the fire performance standards outlined in BS 9252 and BS 8458 DPC.
Minimises damage – Unlike conventional sprinklers, Automist Smartscan® can be stopped once the fire is extinguished, minimising potential water damage
Robust activation – Automist Smartscan® is triggered by reliable heat detectors and therefore is not prone to false alarms like a smoke alarm.
Less disruption – The average retrofit and installation process takes just a few hours with minimal impact to the building or disruption to daily lives.
Low maintenance – The annual maintenance is quick and simple, taking just a few minutes.
Low water usage – Automist Smartscan® typically uses 90% less water than traditional sprinkler systems, minimising consequential water damage.

Over the years we’ve changed how we design our homes. It’s about time we changed how we protect them, too. Automist Smartscan® enables home design to be as beautiful as possible, while meeting industry fire performance standards. It enables more control with easy retrofit and installation. Most importantly, it enables peace of mind that your living space is protected while you’re away.

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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Plumis Automist used to provide fire protection in Manx TT Races Control Tower

Plumis – Automist was installed by Eurotec Safety Services of Belfast as a key part of an alternative fire protection scheme to protect the control room within the control tower of the Isle of Man's famous Tourist Trophy (TT) and Manx Grand Prix (MGP) motorbike races, where riders compete on a road circuit of nearly 38 miles. The Isle of Man Government's Department of Tourism and Leisure (DTL) operate a suite of IT systems in support of these annual races and these are all controlled from a tower, situated at the start/finish line in Douglas.
The whole room was undergoing major refurbishment before this year’s event which takes place from 30 May until 12 June. The Island’s Building Control officers stipulated that the room would require additional fire suppression measures because the control room leads off the only escape route. The Department of Infrastructure had worked with Eurotec Safety Services of Belfast on a number of projects in the past and were pleased when Geoff Dougan, Eurotec’s Director recommended the use of Plumis Automist, a simple, yet effective fire protection appliance that uses a high pressure pump to generate a fine water mist. Automist automatically and reliably detects and suppresses incipient fires before they can take hold and cause devastating damage. Each nozzle is designed to provide up to 80m³ of protection or 32m2 of floor area with a ceiling height of 2.4 metres. The system is activated utilising a heat detector as recommended in Approved Document B, effectively eliminating nuisance alarms which would be highly disruptive to the thousands of visitors attending the races. In this case, 2 pumps and 2 sprayheads were used to provide complete protection at a fraction of the cost and with much less disruption than fitting sprinklers. Furthermore, the use of sprinklers was unattractive to the organisers of the races because water damage would have caused a highly inconvenient interruption to the races.
Dayle Collister from the Isle of Man Department of Infrastructure who run the races was very satisfied with the solution and would recommend Automist to resolve similar situations.
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